Phantom Reality


Phantom Reality, Inc. has provided many clients with the expertise needed to turn visions into reality.

Trade Wins Game

Foreign Exchange trading game used to introduce novices to the basics of currency trading.

3D model with colors showing fluid

Custom Solver

An engineering client needed a n-variable inputs to solve for the best quality with minimal loss for foundary operations. Using Adaptive Response Surface Method connected to an existing fluid simulator and tool was able to solve for over 10 variables using a spline approach. Specialized targeting engine was build to overcome the volatility issues common with a spline approach.

Smoke Cesation Games

Client working on a research project needed a middle layer and backend server to support a smoking cesation game. We provided custom Android and iOS Unity plugins to work witht he CO detection hardware.

Zoom Reports website snapshot

Zoom Reports came to use with an idea on a napkin and a partially working site. We helped them flesh out the ideas into a completed design and helped them scale from several hundred customers to processing over 1 million evalutions.